Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC Systems

Central air conditioning is a modern solution to controlling indoor heat and humidity. Commercial HVAC functions via a system of air ducts that distribute cool and dehumidified air to many parts of a building. Modern air conditioners are capable of temperature control in both summer and winter.

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Commercial a/c devices use unique ducts that provide equivalent amounts of cooled or heated air to the spaces of a building. These well crafted ducts are also one of the main parts of the air ventilation delivery systems. They are commonly installed in bigger buildings like schools, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls and modern apartments. The climate control capabilities in these buildings is done by the help of effective air flow devices such as the air central air conditioning systems.

Steel ducts are very popular due to their durability and high quality. They act as the main pathways of the air flow system. Duct work is constructed from different materials depending on the climate of your region and specific needs. Traditional ducts are made from a metal sheet for framework and after that insulated as a second layer. However Aluminum ducts are getting much more common because they have greater durability and far less chance of rusting out caused by moisture present in chilled air.

Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVAC

Duct Design

HVAC Duct Design consists of planning (pipe layout), pipe sizing and HVAC detailing with pressure loss. The layout for the duct work follows the buildings’ floor plan which includes the fire walls and direction joists. The Design is invariably concerned about increasing the effectiveness of air distribution.

Certainly there are many details that need to be thought about before and throughout the commercial a/c installation. It does require professional attention and execution. This is even more crucial  when installing central air conditioning that’s of a bigger more complex scale. An HVAC technician will provide a comprehensive plan and solution for the central air conditioning duct work design and a range of varying air conditioning systems to choose from.

Commercial HVAC Contractor

A reliable commercial a/c contractor could easily perform all the jobs required. As a business founder you want stay focused on meeting your business demands and leave the design of your buildings airflow to a competent HVAC contractor . We will also be able to inform you of the very best kind of systems for your commercial requirements that are cost effective as well as durable. We work with you to determine your needs, your budget and provide a written estimate. We are known for staying on budget within the time frame that was discussed.

It is important to understand that a well designed commercial air conditioning system will lead to a far better work environment and increased productivity. Along with comfortable you will have improved air quality with less dust and pollutants.

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More information on Commercial HVAC systems can be found here.

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