Transport HVAC

Transport HVAC Mobile Service

With more than decade in servicing the transport HVAC  industry, we are fully qualified at all service and repair HVAC systems for all on-road applications.

Regardless if you need service on a semi truck, police vehicle, fire truck or bus we have you covered. Competion HVAC has the technical  know-how to design, install, or service any custom system you may have or like to have.

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Air conditioning repair for transport vehicles may include tasks ranging from something small to a large-scale repair. We perform tasks ranging from annual inspections and performance checks to complete diagnosis and replacement of system components. Regular maintenance inspections will help to ensure cooling efficiency and will identify any refrigerant leaks.

Consistant climate comfort  for both passengers and operators is essential, a maintenace program will help ensure every bodies comfort in your transport vehicles.

Transport HVAC

Transport HVAC

Interesting diagram of an HVAC system in a transport vehicle.

Battery-Powered HVAC

Battery-powered heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems help fleets deal with cab climate control, by providing climate control to the truck cabin while the truck is parked. Fleet users benefit because the systems are quiet and produce no emissions, but they may not provide enough cooling capacity for long rest periods or when operating in very hot temperatures.

They can be powered by a set of batteries on the tractor or come with a plug-in capability for battery charging and/or operation while connected to an electrical power source. They are also called battery APUs and battery EPUs.

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